Sideshow Years

by Point of View

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released September 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Point of View San Jose, California

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Track Name: The On Going Two Faced Dilemma
When did you become so bland and why do you take after all my friends when did you become just another one just another hypocrite you stand behind my flag you wave it in the air to yourself you decieve its not what you believe your just another fake grown with the fucking grain your driving me insane real punks been dead for awhile so when were you misled that punks in style its all about attitude sporting a shitting grin its not about your fucked mainstreak fashion your living off a plaque it tells you not to care about people in the street or washington d.c. and now were fighting back pretending we dont care they show up to the punk show but do they know that every dollar they spend on whats in trend goes straight to the cause thats opposite from ours and maybe maybe its not so bad maybe I should be glad they're trying to be like like us
Track Name: Steady Drunk
Friday night oh what a night possibilites in sight and you'd think it be alright if you got into a fight with some random guy and the cops stop by cause you busted in his tail light officer please just let me go ive only had a couple of drinks maybe 3, maybe 4 bullshit tell me why is it that your running around town with your pants down your washed up your fucked up you think the party is still going on and your bottled up drinking till the break of dawn your too late its ok the good news is there aint nothing boring your piss drunk at 6 in the morning
Track Name: Sideshow Years
We never threw away our live for one thing we will never left behind what we kept with us have we been sitting here too long watching the world turn around us its already twisted yeah we never liked your common sense its useless we felt the apathy in class common truants should we just dig sand beneath the pier and let the wind take us from here until we set sail soon were going to stock the crowd and sell them shitty products were going to make them listen even if they dont wanna all we are is all we ever tried i never want to give up on my life a verse to ruin a song the chorus keeps ringing on and on and on and on is this foundation pointless is anybody here enjoying this play it over till the wall starts singing we heard it coming from the broken ceiling anticipated with an edge just feel it why would somebody care why do some people stare will I even remember this night at all with all these people here ill tell you what I see dreams are beatiful when happiness is asleep I wouldnt think it anything less cause everything makes sense if you make sense of it does that make sense I never want to think about suffering in silence even deaf I think id be able to make a melody in my head we all we all need someone to follow but we dont want to take the same path as them and fall play it over till the wall starts singing